Stawski, Theresa Paola and Hans-Joachim Lauth 2023: Handbook - Introducing the Stateness Index StIx

With our Stateness Index (StIx), we aim to contribute to the conceptual and analytical debate on stateness and state fragility. The Stateness Index is a tool for measuring stateness and state quality that includes country-ranking through aggregated and disaggregated data to advance performance comparison and policy analysis.

Lauth, Hans-Joachim 2022: Rule of Law and informal Institutions. Revista do Direito. Santa Cruz do Sul, n. 65, 2022, S. 122–139.

The present work addresses the legal systems that exist outside the constitutional order, through the existence of rechtsstaat and informal legal systems in the rule of law. Thus, the question is: what is the relationship between the formal systems and the right? To this do so, the law and legal systems, the concept of state and the formal systems are analyzed first. The study of the relationship between the rule of law and the formal institutions is then used.

Lauth, Hans-Joachim (Hrsg.) 2022: Local Self-regulation and Variety of Statehood: Conflicts and cooperation. Springer Nature: Contributions to Political Science (with Dieter Neubert and Christoph Mohamad-Klotzbach).

The debate on governance originates in the OECD world. At the latest since the postcolonial debate, we know that we need to “test” our assumptions under radically different conditions. This book offers an extended perspective of local self-governance by examining cases from South Asia, Africa, and Latin America, together with a study of militias in the USA. The chapters present a wide variety of local actors who pursue different notions of order legitimized by local traditions based on hierarchy or deeply rooted communalism, Islamic theology, or grassroots democracy. Some local actors claim a state-like authority and challenge the territorial state. In such cases, there is no longer “a shadow hierarchy” but opposition to the state. Different violent actors fight for supremacy, and the state is just one actor among others. The empirical studies presented in this book show how different kinds of local self-governance are combined with varieties of statehood, and thus contribute to an understanding of the notion of governance in a fundamental sense that goes beyond the special case of the OECD world.

Stawski, Theresa Paola 2021: The state-regime-nexus: law and legal order. Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft volume 15, S. 357–373.

The aim of this paper is to illuminate the interdependent relation and connectivity between state and regime known as the state-regime-nexus. To conceptualize the reciprocal institutional relation between state and regime and to deepen the understanding of the state-regime-nexus, I focus on law and legal order as one mutual linkage between state and regime in both democratic and autocratic regimes. To do so, this conceptual paper addresses two points that are part of the same topic: the relation between state, regime and law and different variants of legal order in democratic and autocratic regimes. This creates a theoretical basis to gain more conceptual and analytical clarity in the complex realm of the state-regime-nexus.

Stawski, Theresa Paola 2022: Staat und Regimetransition. Konzeption und interregionaler Vergleich. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

Wie entwickelt sich der Staat im Rahmen von Transitionsprozessen des Regimes? Lassen sich Gruppen von Entwicklungspfaden der Staatlichkeit erkennen? Welche Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede hinsichtlich der Entwicklung von Staatlichkeit zeigen sich im Rahmen von Demokratisierungs- und Autokratisierungsprozessen? Welche Ursachen liegen den Entwicklungsmustern zugrunde? Mithilfe eines Mixed-Methods-Designs werden Transitionsprozesse auf Regimeebene zwischen 1970 und 2018 in Relation zur Entwicklung von Staatlichkeit analysiert und Ursachen divergenter Entwicklungspfade geprüft.